About Us

Peppermill Kitchen was started by three friends who shared a collective passion for quality food. After years of being disappointed with the lunch options available from our various places of work and realising that it didn’t have to be this way, Peppermill Kitchen was born. We believe everyone is entitled to a great lunch without having to leave the office, that’s why we bring the fresh, handmade food direct to your desk.

At Peppermill Kitchen we take our sandwiches seriously. We use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and we get up extra early in the morning to ensure that workers across Bristol are kept happy by lunch time. Our bread is delivered fresh every morning by the guys over at Proper Bread in Montpelier who are busy baking through the night whilst the rest of us are tucked up in bed! We think it’s delicious and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Our dedicated team endlessly strives to meet the needs of our customers. With all members of our team having a background in catering and customer services we are confident we can provide quality food at affordable prices, and you might even get a smile if you’re lucky! If you have an event that needs catering for, get in touch and let us make it extra special.

Why Peppermill Kitchen?


We have a firm focus on using the best ingredients in all the food we create, and every single day we’re sourcing the most fresh produce we can find. We’re firm believers in supporting small businesses in the area, and all of our ingredients are locally sourced from right here in Bristol, so the food that reaches you is as fresh as possible.


We’re based in the heart of Bristol and every one of the Peppermill team is passionate about the local community. Being based so centrally allows us to serve the entire city, using our trusty delivery service. We have one main mission in mind – improving the food fellow Bristolians eat!


Despite never compromising on the quality of our food, we always strive to offer some of the most affordable office catering packages in Bristol. We’re always running special offers and aiming to cut the cost to you and strive to be as competitive on price as possible – feel free to contact us for a catering quote and be surprised at our prices.


Each of us has a long history of working with food. We have years of experience working in the catering industry between us, and the main thing that brought us all together to form Peppermill Kitchen is our passion for food. We understand what it takes to make our creations so delicious.